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Copywriting – Get Paid, Even as a New Copywriter

If you’d like to develop a great career with unlimited opportunities, look no further than copywriting. It’s ideal for anyone with marketing and/ or writing experience.

Copywriting is a business writing: writing to promote and persuade. It’s been called salesmanship in print, and that’s precisely what it is. I’m often asked by people considering copywriting whether they have the talent for it.

Do you have the talent to become a copywriter? Talent isn’t as important as application. If you enjoy writing, and you’re prepared to practice your skills you can become a copywriter. I should warn you however, that when you start writing copy you’ll never look at advertising in the same way again. You’ll develop a critical eye for what makes good copy and what doesn’t.

Let’s look at the two requirements for copywriting first, and then we’ll discuss how you can get started.

* You enjoy writing

It’s important that you enjoy writing. In your copywriting career you’ll do a lot of it, and if you enjoy it, you’ll be more creative. You’ll also enjoy practicing your skills.

* You’re prepared to practice your skills

Copywriting is fascinating because you get feedback for your writing. That feedback is almost instant in Web copywriting.

As a new copywriter, you’ll get lots of practice when you write copy to promote your own business. If you can sell yourself, you’ll know how to sell others’ goods and services too.

Please notice that I said “practice YOUR skills.” Especially online, there’s a huge tendency to turn out cookie-cutter copy. While modeling your copy on what’s worked in the past will show you structure, it’s fatal to use this as a blueprint for writing copy.

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